Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[Team ETA] - The Maid Rig

Hey guys! I've been meaning to post this one in a while, but since my job was jumbled around in my game team, finally I settled on rigging, which is somewhat close to animation, the subject that I would like to one day do. This is one of my rig tests for one of my game teams this semester. This is Barbara, she's a character for a future game that me and my team are planning to do. She's.. not supposed to be this springy of a maid... But I digress. The model was done by my good friend Zahra Haghiri, and I rigged and skinned it.

The rig I used was a customized version of the AB Autorig popularly used in game engines. I customized extra features in the rig, like the purse's move-ability the apron's swinging, the boob's individual bounce, the earrings, the cheeks, the eye blinking, and the flower petals behind it (not seen above)

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