Monday, November 7, 2011

Update - November 7th

Hey guys, I have quite an update this weekend, so let's get up to speed. I have a few things to show this time around, yea?
The first, is my (crappy) Samurai. Turns out putting on alphas on armor isn't as easy as I thought it'd be, as the leg armor and hip guard are lacking in detail. I promise I'll fix it by the end though, don't worry. And these colors aren't going to be the final colors, as they are just the default colors of the matcaps I'm using.

The next batch is my storyboard pass before I change it to an animatic. The only critique I've been getting out of people seem to be that the water pipe in the 3rd page didn't show up until the end of the scene, and the crane shot at the 3rd page isn't reading very well. Overall, it's nice though, so I will fix those before my final animatic.

The last thing that I'll show you guys for now is my exterior design concept to model in Maya. It's pretty much a hillbilly shack in the middle of the swamp/bayou. It's going to be quite interesting, shaping this environment as it goes along. What happened to my interior? Well, it sucks, for now. I will improve it and show it to you guys at the end of the semester though, never fear!

And, I suppose that's all I have to share for you this week though. I know, I still have some sketchbook dumps I could put in, but I really want to try getting some life drawing stuff in, I haven't done those in a while. Next week, I promise.

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