Monday, October 17, 2011

Recent Art Updates - (September 15th - October 17th)

For my Digital Sculpting class, I am done with the base model of my samurai. Final result is around 8000 polys. It's unique because I have to intentionally model each part differently. Currently, I am sculpting in ZBrush. Will update when it's done.

On the other hand, for my projects class, I have to model in one basic shape, and pay attention to the basic edge loops. Currently, I am unwrapping and texturing my character. Also will update when it's done.

Well, here are some of my recent sketches that we have to do as a second assignment for Storyboards class. I had regressed in my drawings quite a bit, but I am quickly gaining momentum every week I do for sketches. Sketches for week 2 are sort of.. weird.

 Sketches for week 3 get a bit more detailed..

 And finally, sketches I've done recently are at least acceptable.

 This is one sketch of my landscape after I got used to drawing again, because the previous one... sucked.

Thankfully, I know have learnt my lesson that using scanners; the scene looks infinitely better.

And.. I guess that's all I'm willing to show for now : D

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